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It's more than just physical pain...

I am sure you guys have seen this mantra written out everywhere on my website, emails, and in my clinic. It is the creed we live by at Freedom but what does it actually mean? To me, it is the definition of Comprehensive Health.

Health is so much more than not having an injury. It is about controlling every component of health including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social.

These are also the steps that it takes to become an athlete. In my mind, athletes are so much more than just sports- I define an athlete as anyone who is a high performer. This could be in sports but also in business, family, craft, etc.

Keeping your head “in the game.” This one is first on the list for a reason. If you are not in a positive mindset or focused, doing anything else on the list is impossible.

This is physical pain but also emotional as well. Whatever you are dealing with in either category needs to be destroyed. Pain no longer gets to dictate your performance.

Performing at the highest level definitely doesn’t come without work. It is long hours, lots of reps, late nights, and everything in between.

Once you have the first three steps, you get to fully embrace what you truly love without something trying to derail you. This is the sweet spot.

I have seen too many times where...

  • Patients are scared of getting hurt again that physical progress is almost impossible.

  • Athletes are nervous about what coaches will say and playing time that they don’t speak up about actual pain until it's too late.

  • People have tried different remedies, including PT /chiropractic /arrosti, with no improvement and lose faith in ever getting better.

It's more than physical pain...

The mental and emotional blocks are oftentimes much bigger than the physical ones. We can no longer allow the other facets of health to be ignored in hopes that a hot pack and some resistance bands will fix everything all at once.

We have to make sure every system of your health is working together to help you perform at the best possible level.

So how do you think you are doing with your comprehensive health? I made an activity for you to do to see where you and/or your child are at. Be honest. Do the bars line up? Or is everything out of whack? Grab your activity here. Freedom is yours!

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