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Keep Your Athletes In The Game eBook

Injuries are considered an expectation when athletes play sports. Sure, you have contact injuries, concussions, and collisions, but the majority of injuries are easily preventable.


This eBook has been created to form the ultimate collaboration between coaches, parents, and therapists alike, so that every player stays on the court and performing at their highest level without risking their health and wellbeing.

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You Will Learn...

You Will Learn...

What Causes Injuries

(Such As: Knee and Back Pain)

Warm-Up Outline

(Included: Activity, Duration, Frequency)

Recovery Outline

(How To Recover Faster Without Injury or Medicine)

How to Kinesiotape

(Help Improve Muscle Activation and Avoid Bracing)

Improve Movement Pattern

(Learn The Best Mechanics of: Squatting, Deadlift, Push Up, Box Jump/Landing)

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